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The Essence of Contact Work
A Carer's Perspective
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For Staff

Potential positive outcomes for staff can include the following:
  • Self empowerment
  • Increased awareness of different types of behavioural functioning
  • Deeper understanding of levels of behaviour experiencing
  • Develops skills to alleviate clients' hallucinations and delusions.
  • Ability to reduce clients’ distress.
  • Encourage clients to get back in touch within themselves, other people and the shared world
  • Increased ability to engage with clients.
  • Increased ability to earn the trust of the client.
  • Opportunity for greater involvement of the ‘person hood’ of staff member with the client
  • Psychologists and psychiatrists have the potential of understanding the source of distress
  • Opportunity for greater involvement of staff in a healing relationship
  • An increase in job satisfaction
  • Fewer re-admissions through the 'ever revolving door'
  • Financial and social benefits giving significant cost reductions to care providers