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NIMHE Appraisal


By Malcolm Rae NIMHE'S Programme Lead for the Acute In -Patient Care Programme

A Client centred approach, which values the autonomy of the individual and promotes communication in a healing relationship.

Its application for a range of client groups including people with severe enduring psychosis, depression, learning disability, dementia and individuals with severe traumatic conditions.

Builds on existing psychotherapeutic approaches.

Empowers nursing and other staff by enhancing their skill levels, confidence, self-esteem and is likely to increase their motivation and has the capacity to provide a protective factor in coping with the stressors of the work.

The strategies and techniques will add to the reinforcing of hope and optimism on the long and somewhat tortuous journey.

Vehicle for meaningful engagement and the development of close personal relationships and practical interventions, which may lead to a deeper relationship, and understanding of feelings and emotions.

With older people it provides a framework and structure to enhance communications in a purposeful way, which has the potential to lead to more enlightened personalised care with opportunities for family/carer involvement.

Malcolm Rae 5/1/05