Prouty's Pre Therapy:
The Essence of Contact Work
A Carer's Perspective
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Hospitals  / Trusts / Charities Interest with Pre-Therapy


  • Renfrewshire and Inverclyde Prmiary Care NHS Trust
    • Dykebar Hospital – Paisley
    • Ravenscraig Hospital – Greenock
    • Lochgilphead Hospital - Lochgilphead
  • Lanarkshire Primary Care NHS Trust
    • Old Age Psychiatric Hospitals and Day Hospitals.
Those nursing and other staffswho have attended various courses in Scotland have integrated at various levels the use of Pre Therapy into the care offered to patients.

The Health Trusts as specified have not adopted this apprach per se. However they are funding education / training modules for staff that incorporates the use and potentail application of Pre Therapy.


  • West Sussex Health and Social Care NHS Trust
  • East Suffolk Mind

Belgium and Netherlands
  • Psychiatrisch Ziekenhuis St-Camillus,
    • Beukenlaan 20, 9051 St-Denijs Westrem, Belgium. 
        Contact Mr Dion Van Werde:  Lic. Psych.

  • Psychiatrisch Centrum St-Amandus
    •  Reigerlo 10, 8730 Beernem, Belgium.
        Contact Dr. Luc Roelens: Psych.

  • Clinique Sans-Soucis
    •  Avenu de l'exposition 218, 1090 Bruxelles.
        Contact Mr. Jean-Marc Priels: Lic. Psych

  • Psychiatrisch Centrum St-Norbertushuis
    • De Ceder, Stationsstraat 22C, 2570 Duffel, Belgium. 
        Contact Mr. Paul Dierick: PhD Psychology

  • Psychiatrisch Ziekenhuis Mondriaan
    •  Zorggroep Heerlen, Netherlands.
        Contact Dr. Frank Meuleman: Psych.

  • Bethaniën psychiatrisch centrum
        Contact Stijn Leijssen <>

  • Ambulante Forensische Psychiatrie noord-nederland, in Assen