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About Me

I qualified as an SRN and SCM and a retired Chiropodist.

I first came across Pre Therapy on a Person- Centred Diploma Course and was instantly attracted by Prouty's approach. Two years later my son experienced a psychosis and as the months passed he went from one crisis to another. In my sheer desperation to provide him with some relief, I plucked up courage and began to use the contact skills with him. I was somewhat dumbfounded on disovering that I was able help to 'ground' him back to our shared reality

I go on the basis that if I, as a carer am able to support my son in this way, then professionals have the potential of achieving the same goal.

I am now passionate in getting this work better known and offer taster Pre Therapy workshops, giving my perspective of Prouty’s Contact Work, in which I share some of my experiences of using this approach to help my son. The workshop comprises the theory and practice of Pre Therapy, with potential opportunity for experiential work. Attendees are encouraged to ask questions and share their experience of their difficulties in relating with persons experiencing psychosis.

Prouty's approach and the application of contact skills are relevant when individuals are unable to communicate their experiences and difficulties. Workshops enrich the potential for working with people whose psychotic experiences are overwhelming and where words and even thinking itself becomes a challenge.

I am an invited Member of the Pre Therapy International Network and have attended workshops by Prouty and Van Werde.

For further information contact: Catherine Clarke