Prouty's Pre Therapy:
The Essence of Contact Work
A Carer's Perspective
Pre Therapy

Pre Therapy

Professor Garry Prouty's Pre Therapy is an approach which focuses on patients  who are difficult to engage. It is applicable for patinets who experience regression, psychosis, learning disabilities, special needs, dementia and alzheimers disease.

Making successful connection with patinets in order to engage in meaningful conversations has thwarted doctors and nurses for decades. This has resulted in patinets being psychologically isolated and trapped within their own being.   Prouty's natural flair of reaching through by making contact with patients is a major break through. Following years of working with patients suffering from regressive behaviour and psychotic experiencing, Prouty eventually formulated his Pre Therapy expertise in 1994. 

Pre Therapy is a Person -Centred and deeply respectful approach, bringing
alive the meaning of Carl Rogers 'Psychological Contact. This is the essential  contact which is necessary for all people to engage in reciprocal relationships. Over all apsychotic people are unaware of their individual functioning within psychological contact.  Pre Therapy' Contact Reflections are the Skills which encourage low functioning patients who may be out of touch with their own sense of self, in relation with other people and their surroundings to regain their essential  contact. Patients are increasingly able to engage in the daily activities of life and at the same time the tenacity of psychotic experiences begins to recede. 

This is the Essence of Prouty’s Pre Therapy Contact Skills.